The Last Age of Azraghael

Black Bows and a Silver Ring

Introducing: Gavin Silverhawk

When the party got back to town, they had some down time, and spent it relaxing.

Unless you’re Asher Grendelroth, in which case you spent it making mischief.
It started off when he struck up a conversation with the sketchiest man in the tavern and asked him about speaking goblin. It turns out that he could speak a bit of the goblin tongue! Desperate for goblin lessons to talk to Soprax, Asher paid this sketchy man enough coin for him to get belligerently drunk with.
After learning his bit, Asher went on his way.

When Steven came down the inn steps in to the tavern, he saw the same old man that Asher had paid picking a fight with a big half-orc. Knowing it wouldn’t end well for the old man, Steven left swiftly, followed by the rest of the tavern patrons. He heard screams from behind him, but it wasn’t his fault some people were raging idiots.

Anyway, the party went to the smith’s to look for weapons. Asher offered to trade his ring to the nerdy shopkeeper Gavin for a night…….. TBC!



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