Asher Grendelroth


I was born and abandoned at an orphanage. Great start, right? Thankfully, it turned out to be a horrible place. The other orphans and I were neglected and abused on a daily basis. I noticed a divide among the types of kids there were, as a result of the terrible living conditions. One half of the children were kind and innocent, hoping to save others from the wrathful life our “care taker” placed upon us. The other half were kids who only knew cruelty. I found myself between the two constantly, and still do, in a sense. I was always very protective of my brothers and sisters. However, the moment they turned on me, I turned on them. Because of this, I tried to help all of us develop a strategy to fight back against our “care taker” in any way. The only thing I could ever do was do something to his possessions in any fashion, be it stealing or breaking them. I remember one time, when I was 7, he beat a friend of mine like a rag doll. I then decided that there was no way he didn’t deserve what he had coming. I sneaked into his room while he was sleeping and stole a pendant his brother gave him before he died. Then, I sneaked outside and sold it to some random guy for 5 gold pieces. I felt a thrill that I had never felt before. I finally did something to stand up for myself, despite being physically weak. I found a new type of independence. This of, course, really upset the asshole in charge, but he was too busy crying to beat us.

That’s where thing became really fun. I was stealing things from local businesses and selling them. As well, some of the other children would offer things in exchange for stealing something for them, when I realized I was good at it. At first, it was small stuff, like stealing an apple from a local stand for one of the hungry orphans in exchange for temporary protection from another bully in the orphanage. However, things got more and more complicated. Soon enough, I was stealing gold from nearby people and places for their food rations. However, this led to a pretty traumatic experience for me. When I was 9, I had a very close friend, Hakor. Hakor was a scrawny one, like me. He wanted me to teach him to steal. I was hesitant, as it would lead to competition in my little business, but he guilt tripped me into it. He wanted me to help him steal a knife that his father gave to him, which the care taker confiscated. Hakor had successfully hid the knife for years, but he just slipped up a week before this. I told him how to pick the lock and everything. All was well, until one day, the care taker begins screaming. He found out the knife was missing. Since this item was nothing of sentiment to him, there was only rage, no sorrow to stop him. Hakor, however, planed the knife under my bed, just as he called all of us out into the living room. Hakor ratted me out. When the care taker said “How do you know?” Hakor told him how I took the pendant. Another kid, who I also considered a friend seconded that. At which point, he was already dragging me down a hallway the kids weren’t allowed to go down.

I woke up in a cold, dark room, tied by the neck to a small post, and I couldn’t tell what time it was. My speculation estimated I was in there for 2 days when he came in, gave me a small bowl of water, and beat up unconscious. When I woke up, I chugged the water, and at a few bites of the bowl, as I was starving. I think about 2 more days passed before he came in, beat me unconscious, and I woke up in my normal bed, with all of the other kids. To this days, I refuse to speak the name of this man. I also learned to not put faith in people I consider friends. From there on, I avoided contact with the other orphan, and only did my business outside of that retched place.

Thankfully, I finally got out of the orphanage when I was 13. I stole a man’s steel dagger from his house. However, this was the time I got caught. The family of the house had a dog. A motherfucking dog. After the minor mauling, the owner found me screaming. He yelled for some guards. When they showed up, it was clear I was probably going to rot in a cage for a while, assuming the care taker didn’t kill me, first. However, as the guards were walking me down a town street, a man approached me and asked “What are you doing with my son?” In a matter of 30 seconds, the man talked the guards out of punishing me. The man said he was going to take me somewhere where I would be accepted.

He took me into a cave, just outside of the city walls. His name was Ulric Terrowin, and he was the most respected member of the city’s thieves guild. He took me in and taught me more than I could ever hope to repay. He showed me that there is honor among the thieves. He also showed my kindness and compassion. After knowing him for about 7 months he asked me when my birthday was; I didn’t know. I just knew I was about 13. He made me an official birthday, which I still hold to this day. He and the guild, which was like a family to me by then, threw me my first birthday party. I was 13, and they said I was a man. I couldn’t have been happier. I lived life the same for a year, just running some scams they’ve been doing for a while, and even invented a few of my own. I also developed a sex drive, during this year. It started getting out of control, by the time my 14th birthday rolled around.

On this day, I sneaked into a local pub with some of the other thieves and Ulric (who was practically my father), and met a man in a dark red suit, and unrelenting rage behind his eyes. He and I talked for a while, and I told him my story. He somehow just knew about my new sexual urges, and every other desire of mine. I figured he must be really good at reading people. He struck a deal with me. He would give me a ring that would give me the power to seduce almost anyone if, in exchange, he would collect my soul after 10 years. Me, being wasted, flooded with hormones, and in love with a beautiful girl I befriended inside the city, took the deal, after asking who he was, and how he would be able to find me. He said “My name is Bel. I’m a devil, more or less.” I figured he was just fooling around, in my state of mind, so I took the deal instantly.

When I got back to the hideout (Or as I learned to call it in thieves cant: Dive or Stuling Ken), one of the higher ranking members asked me who I stole thing ring off of. I told him from some guy named Bel, and it was actually a deal. I told him the story as if it was a joke, and his face ran cold. He explained the me the severity of my mistake. However, I couldn’t go back, so I decided to make due with what I had, all the while subconsciously dreading the day he collects.

I enjoyed that next summer with the girl, Meredith. She and I practically fell in love almost instantly, and we were together until the time I was 19. When I was 19, her father, who was a knight, was killed by goblins on a journey to the capital. Her mother killed herself in despair. Meredith, in her grief ran away, leaving a note for me at our typical meet-up spot that said:


I am so sorry for what I am about to do. You will probably never see me again, after reading this. I would give the world to stay with you, but I don’t feel I have a choice. The past five years were the best years of my life, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. You are the best person I know, and I will always love you. Please don’t come looking for me, it won’t help you. Just please move on, and live your life.

I love you,
Meredith Wrenne"_

I was crushed. I searched for weeks with no sign of her. She just disappeared. I lived out the rest of that year in terrible sorrow, realizing the the one person I ever truly loved other than Ulric was gone, and I would probably never see her again. When I was 21, I parted from the rest of the guild, saying I needed to seek something to fulfill me. They said their goodbyes as if I was a child leaving for college, saying I always had a home there. I left, found myself in Pell’s gate when I found a new adventure….


Asher Grendelroth

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