Ferin Norn

Adventurer extraordinaire, who could convince a man to eat his own hand.



Animal Handling
Persuasion x2
Sleight of Hand x2

Bardic Inspiration
Jack of all Trades
Song of Rest
Cutting Words

Languages and Other Proficiencies:
SRW:Common, Orc
Flute, Bugle, Drums
Disguise Kit, Thieve’s Tools

Important Inventory:
Pet Mouse (Elish)
Weird Coin


“I grew up in (whatever the central town is called) to a very wealthy family. At the age of 7 I was abducted from my wonderful home by a horde of orcs. These orcs carried me miles away to their encampment where they tortured for 3 days and nights for their entertainment. On the 4th day I overheard them (even through all the trauma my keen mind was able to pick up on the entire orc language) discussing plans to eat me. I was feeling hopeless and lost, until I looked over and saw my father dash in from the thicket. He crashed into one of the orcs using only his shield and knocked his head straight off! The other orcs then started to surround him (there were 9 left). In a valiant effort he was able to kill 8 of the orcs before he was hit in the back of the head by a mace, but just after the hit, before the orc could land his finishing blow, a large fireball flew down from the sky and incinerated the orc on the spot. It was my mother, the most beautiful and powerful spellcaster I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My mother came and untied me, but before we could go and tend to my father a giant orc came out of no where. He had scars all up and down his face, his teeth were razor sharp, and he carried the biggest mace you have ever seen. I quickly yelled for my father to get up, but he was unconscious. The giant orc swung his mighty mace, but my mother used her magic to teleport my father a safe distance away, behind us. My mother then shot a fireball at the orc menace, but she was too slow, he used his own magical ability to, not only knock away my mother’s great fireball, but also cause a giant stone to fall from the sky right on top of my mother. I assumed she was finished. The orc then looks at me and starts to walk straight past me to my father. I knew that I was the only hope for saving my father, so with all the bravery in my body I pick up a small knife that was laying next to one of the dead orcs, and I lunge it into the back of the orcs left foot, causing him to trip and fall, he landed next to my father, but his mace landed right on my father’s torso. The orc stands up and says, “You worthless trash.” He then starts to run at me, but to both of our surprise my father throws his shield and knocks the orc right in the back of his head, causing the orc to fall head first into the rock that had buried my mother. It shattered into hundreds of pieces. The orc stands back up, with a rage on his face that I will never forget, and rips a nearby tree straight from it’s roots to throw at my father. Then it happened. The most miraculous thing I have seen to this day. My mother shone with an intense light and cast the most powerful spell I have ever seen at the orc.The next thing I saw was the tree falling to the ground, with the orc nowhere in sight. I run to my mother. She looks at me and says, “my time has come, Ferin. But do not be afraid, I have turned the orc into a mysical flute that will always guide your path.” I look at where the orc was standing and there it was. A gorgeous shining flute. I go and pick it up. When I look back to my mother she had completely disappeared. So I run to my father, with tears in my eyes, tears that would not finish being shed anytime soon. He looks at me, with the giant mace still covering most of his torso and says, “I may not be as flashy as your mother, but I too would like to give you something to remember me by…” He pulls out a coin, puts it in my hand and with his last breath says, “Your mother and I will always be with you.”
I buried him later that day. That day. The most sorrowful day of my life. That was the day I decided to go down the path of the Bard. I would be as brave as my father and as loving as my mother. I would go on grand adventures and live an amazing life full of mystery and wonder. That was the worst day of my life and the most important. It made me who I am today and who I will be for the rest of my life."

Ferin Norn

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