Stella Kasparov

A golden-haired adventurer that has been posing as a man



Acrobatics +5
Athletics, Deception +4
Sleight of Hand, Stealth +3
Intimidation, Survival, Performance, Persuasion +2
Insight, Medicine, Perception +0


Longbow +5
Longsword, Axe +4


Born in the small northern mining town of Angost, My life was always hard. Hard faces and hard minds bred hard men. One of those men was my father. He worked hard and drank hard. He resented his lot in life and took it out on my mother and I. My older brothers defended me as much as they could, but time passed. Elric died in the troll wars, Wolf was fed to the mines, and Hadrald went to the forges. I swore to my mother I wouldn’t waste my life in the mines… or worse.
On my 16th birthday, I woke in a dirty tavern room one town to the south. I haven’t slowed down yet. I may be alone, but I am the master of my fate.

Stella Kasparov

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