Important Institutions

Important Institutions of Azeraghael

Thieves’ Guild

The Thieves guild is a universal consolidated criminal organization. Though it’s in nearly every city, it is know by many names: the Highwayman Hierarchy, Burglar’s Brotherhood, Fellowship of Footpads, Cutpurse Club, Parliament of Procurers.

Mages Guild

Though very few people are magically gifted, those few belong to a magical society known colloquially as “The Mages Guild”. The Mages Guild is led by the Council of Ten, and sets certain rules on the practice of magic. Members of the order care for each other and provide services when able.

Council of Ten

The Council of Ten consists of the 10 most powerful magicians in Azeraghael. They are responsible for the appropriate use of magic. Upon entering the council of Ten, one must swear a magical oath to never use magic to inflict harm.

The New Gods

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Important Institutions

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