The Last Age of Azraghael

The Adventure Begins

In a small town called Pell’s Gate, four people found themselves out of work and in a tavern.
One was a wood elf cleric of the god of fortune, making his pilgrimage across the North. He was also happy to help those he came across who simply needed a second flip of the coin.\
Another was a high elf wizard, far from home. She left her ancient city to live among the mortal races whom she found more vital and interesting.
The third was a human, a young fighter from a northern mining town. To him, Pell’s Gate was just another stop on his path with too few gold pieces to spare, and ale too expensive to make him stay.
The final member was also a human, a sort of rogue that preferred loving to fighting. In the two days that he’d been in Pell’s Gate, the bartender had seen him leave with no less then five ladies, one of which looked suspiciously like the mayor’s mother….



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