The Last Age of Azraghael

The Missing Daughter (pt. 2)

Goblin Boogaloo

After the party fell in to the acid, (and all nearly shat themselves,) they landed on a lower level of the dungeon.
From there they heard screaming coming from a locked room. After unlocking the giant stone door, they entered into a throne room. On the throne was a giant disgusting goblin with a crown of bones. As they approached he insulted the party and gestured to a female head on a pike. The party was too late.
Next they were all surrounded by goblins and sent down a slide into an arena. Idhrenniel was the last one to fall down, and delivered a devastating lighting attack before she left.
What the party found in the arena was way worse than they had hoped…… They found a troll.

Through strength, cunning, and more than a bit of magic the party slayed the troll and burst in to the adjacent hallway, now filled with goblins. All of the goblins were obliterated save 1 that Farodin and Asher nursed back to health.

In the final room, Idhrenniel stumbled upon a note mentioning something about Ustengrav and corpses…. odd…..

After the adrenaline buzz of the troll subsided, Steven realized that the mayor’s daughter’s body was still in the cave, and she deserved a burial at the very least. After some arguing, Asher left for the town, Idhrenniel and Farodin went to to the main entrance, and Steven climbed back up the slide to the throne room.

Asher made it back safely.
Farodin and Idhrenniel were attacked by 2 gnolls and were nearly killed when insane coincidence (or divine intervention) saved their life.
Steven explored more of the cave looking for the girls corpse…. and he found her. She had been mutilated and cut in to pieces to be eaten. Steven set the whole table on fire and left, hoping she would at least find peace in the afterlife.

They eventually all met back in the tavern to sleep, but Steven broke the news to the Mayor’s family first.



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