The Last Age of Azraghael

The Missing Daughter

The Party Forms

The next night, goblins from the nearby forest raided the village, killed some of the townsfolk, and kidnapped the mayor’s daughter. Distraught with grief, the mayor went to the tavern and pleaded with the patrons to please rescue his beloved daughter.
Asher Grendelroth volunteered as soon as he heard “mayor” and “reward”, Farodin vowed to give the girl one more chance at life, Idhrenniel Hinnordess saw this as her chance to be more accepted in this land of foreigners, and Steven Erikson knew that the mayor’s daughter needed the help he could and would provide.
Only fifteen minutes later, the party was on the road to the nearby goblin cave.
When they arrived, they were ambushed, but the goblins proved no match for the adventurers, and the party entered the cave.
The cave was large, deep, and dangerous, but the party continued. They fought over a ring, thought they found evidence of necromancy, and were fooled by a convincing pool of illusionary acid.



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