The Last Age of Azraghael

As for the Black Bows...

Gavin Silverhawk, who just struck a deal with Asher in exchange for Asher’s Ring of Silver Tongue (Which allows him to seduce almost anyone), developed an interest in Idhrennial, and attempted to court her.. While he did strike her as charming, he did not get any farther than that. Asher, sympathizing for the poor lad offered to take Gavin along on their bounty the next morning, in which they would be attemting to stop frequent bandits, in hopes that it would help make Gavin more attractive, even without the ring.

So, the group devised their plan. Gavin and Idhrennial would be in the back of Farodin’s carriage, which Steven would be piloting. While this happened, Farodin and Asher were watching above, from the trees, ready to make a bird call if they saw something suspicious. After encountering the bandits, and dealing with them, Steven ran straight for their leader: a strong, heavily armored woman. After dealing with the bandits, the leader knocked Idhrennial to the ground. Gavin, in a fit of protective rage, charged the leader, screaming “STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL!” The leader was vulnerable from all of the damage the group afflicted, which gave Gavin just enough of an opportunity to take the last blow. Gavin was praised as a hero in his town. The group said their goodbyes, Asher got his ring back, and they all parted ways. Asher was hoping that he would get to see Gavin, again.



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