The Last Age of Azraghael

As for the Black Bows...

Gavin Silverhawk, who just struck a deal with Asher in exchange for Asher’s Ring of Silver Tongue (Which allows him to seduce almost anyone), developed an interest in Idhrennial, and attempted to court her.. While he did strike her as charming, he did not get any farther than that. Asher, sympathizing for the poor lad offered to take Gavin along on their bounty the next morning, in which they would be attemting to stop frequent bandits, in hopes that it would help make Gavin more attractive, even without the ring.

So, the group devised their plan. Gavin and Idhrennial would be in the back of Farodin’s carriage, which Steven would be piloting. While this happened, Farodin and Asher were watching above, from the trees, ready to make a bird call if they saw something suspicious. After encountering the bandits, and dealing with them, Steven ran straight for their leader: a strong, heavily armored woman. After dealing with the bandits, the leader knocked Idhrennial to the ground. Gavin, in a fit of protective rage, charged the leader, screaming “STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL!” The leader was vulnerable from all of the damage the group afflicted, which gave Gavin just enough of an opportunity to take the last blow. Gavin was praised as a hero in his town. The group said their goodbyes, Asher got his ring back, and they all parted ways. Asher was hoping that he would get to see Gavin, again.

Black Bows and a Silver Ring
Introducing: Gavin Silverhawk

When the party got back to town, they had some down time, and spent it relaxing.

Unless you’re Asher Grendelroth, in which case you spent it making mischief.
It started off when he struck up a conversation with the sketchiest man in the tavern and asked him about speaking goblin. It turns out that he could speak a bit of the goblin tongue! Desperate for goblin lessons to talk to Soprax, Asher paid this sketchy man enough coin for him to get belligerently drunk with.
After learning his bit, Asher went on his way.

When Steven came down the inn steps in to the tavern, he saw the same old man that Asher had paid picking a fight with a big half-orc. Knowing it wouldn’t end well for the old man, Steven left swiftly, followed by the rest of the tavern patrons. He heard screams from behind him, but it wasn’t his fault some people were raging idiots.

Anyway, the party went to the smith’s to look for weapons. Asher offered to trade his ring to the nerdy shopkeeper Gavin for a night…….. TBC!

The Missing Daughter (pt. 2)
Goblin Boogaloo

After the party fell in to the acid, (and all nearly shat themselves,) they landed on a lower level of the dungeon.
From there they heard screaming coming from a locked room. After unlocking the giant stone door, they entered into a throne room. On the throne was a giant disgusting goblin with a crown of bones. As they approached he insulted the party and gestured to a female head on a pike. The party was too late.
Next they were all surrounded by goblins and sent down a slide into an arena. Idhrenniel was the last one to fall down, and delivered a devastating lighting attack before she left.
What the party found in the arena was way worse than they had hoped…… They found a troll.

Through strength, cunning, and more than a bit of magic the party slayed the troll and burst in to the adjacent hallway, now filled with goblins. All of the goblins were obliterated save 1 that Farodin and Asher nursed back to health.

In the final room, Idhrenniel stumbled upon a note mentioning something about Ustengrav and corpses…. odd…..

After the adrenaline buzz of the troll subsided, Steven realized that the mayor’s daughter’s body was still in the cave, and she deserved a burial at the very least. After some arguing, Asher left for the town, Idhrenniel and Farodin went to to the main entrance, and Steven climbed back up the slide to the throne room.

Asher made it back safely.
Farodin and Idhrenniel were attacked by 2 gnolls and were nearly killed when insane coincidence (or divine intervention) saved their life.
Steven explored more of the cave looking for the girls corpse…. and he found her. She had been mutilated and cut in to pieces to be eaten. Steven set the whole table on fire and left, hoping she would at least find peace in the afterlife.

They eventually all met back in the tavern to sleep, but Steven broke the news to the Mayor’s family first.

The Missing Daughter
The Party Forms

The next night, goblins from the nearby forest raided the village, killed some of the townsfolk, and kidnapped the mayor’s daughter. Distraught with grief, the mayor went to the tavern and pleaded with the patrons to please rescue his beloved daughter.
Asher Grendelroth volunteered as soon as he heard “mayor” and “reward”, Farodin vowed to give the girl one more chance at life, Idhrenniel Hinnordess saw this as her chance to be more accepted in this land of foreigners, and Steven Erikson knew that the mayor’s daughter needed the help he could and would provide.
Only fifteen minutes later, the party was on the road to the nearby goblin cave.
When they arrived, they were ambushed, but the goblins proved no match for the adventurers, and the party entered the cave.
The cave was large, deep, and dangerous, but the party continued. They fought over a ring, thought they found evidence of necromancy, and were fooled by a convincing pool of illusionary acid.

The Adventure Begins

In a small town called Pell’s Gate, four people found themselves out of work and in a tavern.
One was a wood elf cleric of the god of fortune, making his pilgrimage across the North. He was also happy to help those he came across who simply needed a second flip of the coin.\
Another was a high elf wizard, far from home. She left her ancient city to live among the mortal races whom she found more vital and interesting.
The third was a human, a young fighter from a northern mining town. To him, Pell’s Gate was just another stop on his path with too few gold pieces to spare, and ale too expensive to make him stay.
The final member was also a human, a sort of rogue that preferred loving to fighting. In the two days that he’d been in Pell’s Gate, the bartender had seen him leave with no less then five ladies, one of which looked suspiciously like the mayor’s mother….


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